How Will Donald Trump Impact The Housing Market?


How Will Donald Trump impact the Housing Market? So Donald Trump is going to be our new president come 2017 and people are wondering how this will effect the housing market. A lot of people don’t know that Donald Trump is a licensed real estate broker so him being president may affect real estate professionals. So how will Trump being president affect the real estate market? Nobody knows for sure but we are going to talk about some possible outcomes in today’s video. Stay tuned. I’m Michael Hicks real estate agent and investor and first lets talk about how will Trump use real estate to spark the economy? We all know that trump has used real estate to invest himself. He has even bragged during the debates that he profited off of the housing crash of the late 2000’s. He has mentioned that he is interested in boosting home ownership and deregulating the financial market, so that could give a boost to the real estate market. Will trump make any cutbacks to federal programs? Well Trump has not mentioned whether or not he plans to target federal programs involving the housing market. However We can be sure that state and local programs will be unaffected but federal programs like low income housing and section 8 may be in for a reform. Trump and the republican party has mentioned a lot about regulations and I’m going to break it down into banking and building. When it comes to banking, they want to make significant changes to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. There has also been talks of repealing Dodd-Frank Act and replacing it with something else. When it comes to building regulations trump has said, and I quote, “there is no industry, other than probably the energy industry, that is more overregulated than the housing industry… twenty-five percent of costs to build a house are regulations, I think we should get that down to 2 percent.” This sound great if you are anyone involved in the process of building a home or buying a home. But let me know down below what you think about having that steep of cuts on regulation to building a house. Lets talk about fannie mae and Freddie mac. Well. That in itself is a big question as not much has been said about what they plan to do with those two organizations. Both of them are projected to run out of money in 2018 so something is likely to come of them soon. I’ll leave that to you ladies and gentlemen, what do you think will happen with them? Last lets talk about mortgage rates. We all know that mortgage rates change daily based on the market. And looking at how terrible the market did during the election we should be happy about the bounce back it made so far. The rates fall when investors feel safe about mortgage backed securities. More than likely we are looking at a short term win for borrowers and an increase in refinances if rates continue to fall. With that being said, what do you think will come from the presidency of Donald Trump? I’d love to know your take on it.

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